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  • Green Doctor Network (GDN) and affiliated physician(s) does not provide nor dispense medical marijuana.
  • (GDN) does not supply clinical treatment information or medical advice, and does not guarantee or warrant any of the medical advice or clinical treatment information that you may receive through our services.
  • GDN and affiliated physician(s) will not discuss or provide information regarding alternative methods of obtaining medical marijuana, other than from Health Canada’s authorised list of Licensed Producers under the Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations.
  • GDN does not endorse any information, products or services supplied by or obtained from external sources.
  • You are providing personal information to GDN for the diagnosis and treatment of medical marijuana for certain medical condition(s).
  • You are responsible to ensure your submitted information to GDN is accurately disclosed, as it may adversely impact the physician’s ability to diagnose your condition(s) and recommend appropriate medical marijuana treatment.
  • The affiliated physician(s) will address specific aspects of your medical health for the treatment of medical marijuana, and is in no way establishing themselves to become your primary care physician.
  • Once you are approved for medical marijuana, it is your responsibility to ensure that a renewal appointment with a medical marijuana-friendly physician is booked prior to your expiry date.
  • You agree to only use medical marijuana for the treatment of your medical condition(s) and not for recreational and/or non-medical purposes.
  • You are responsible to stay informed regarding Canadian provincial and federal laws regarding the possession, use, sale, purchase and/or distribution of medical marijuana.
  • Health Canada, GDN and affiliated physician(s) advises that using medical marijuana is prohibited while driving or performing hazardous tasks. The same applies to safety-sensitive occupations such as health professionals and the supervision of children.
  • The potential side effects from the use of medical marijuana include but are not limited to the following: dizziness, anxiety, confusion, sedation, low blood pressure, impairment of short-term memory, euphoria, alter your perception of time/space, impair your judgement, difficulty in completing complex tasks, excessive talking and/or eating, suppression of the body’s immune system, inability to concentrate, impaired motor skills, paranoia, psychotic symptoms, general apathy, depression and/or restlessness.
  • Medical marijuana may exacerbate schizophrenia in person predisposed to the disorder.
  • The risks, benefits and drug interactions of medical marijuana are not fully understood. The use of medical marijuana while under the influence of alcohol is not recommended. Additional side effects may become present when simultaneously used. If you are taking any additional medication or undergoing treatment for any medical condition, it is your responsibility to consult with your primary care physician prior to starting medical marijuana treatment, and that you should not discontinue any medication or treatment prevised to do so by your primary care physician.
  • GDN and affiliated physician(s) encourage you to use alternative methods to smoking medical marijuana. Smoke contains known carcinogens and smoking medical marijuana may increase the risk of respiratory diseases, such as bronchitis, emphysema and laryngitis, and cancers in the lung, mouth and tongue. In additional, marijuana smoke contains harmful chemicals known as tars. If you begin to experience respiratory problems when using medical marijuana, you agree to stop using this treatment and advise your physician.
  • Individuals may develop a tolerance to and/or dependence on medical marijuana. If you develop signs of withdrawal, which can include; feelings of depression, sadness, irritability, insomnia, restlessness, agitation, loss of appetite, trouble concentrating, sleep disturbances, and unusual tiredness, contact GDN.
  • Symptoms of medical marijuana overdose include but are not limited to: nausea, vomiting, hacking cough, disturbance in heart rhythm, numbness in limbs or hands/feet, anxiety attacks and incapacitation. If you experience any of these symptoms, you agree to contact your primary care physician, call 911 or go to the nearest emergency hospital.

GDN respects and values your privacy. GDN collects personal information from you only with your knowledge and consent to help meet our commitment to provide excellent service and to continuously improve your experience on our website. The personal information we collect may include your name, email address, mailing or business address, and phone number, but may include other information when needed to fulfill your request. We collect this information to allow you to purchase services and complete those transactions; to subscribe to email newsletters; and to provide you with services or information that may be of interest to you.

The GDN website automatically collects non-personally identifiable information from you when you visit our site. This includes click stream data, your Internet Protocol (IP) address and information collected through the use of cookies. GDN aggregates this information about your visit with those of other visitors. You are not personally identified in any way. This information helps us provide you with a continually improving and enhanced online experience, including ease and speed of navigation to help you find the products, services and information you need. We also use this aggregate information for research and analytical purposes to better understand how people are using our website.

Your personal information will only be used or disclosed for the specific purposes for which it is collected or as authorized by law. For example, GDN must maintain website security, which includes the investigation of unauthorized attempts to access, alter or delete data, the spreading of viruses and other illegal intrusions. This could result in disclosures to law enforcement agencies.

We may also use your personal information to send you information about GDN products or services or introduce you to our business partners that carry products that may be of interest to you. Some of our online services may share your name and address (but not your email address) to pre-screened, reputable companies so they can offer you their products.

At any time you can have yourself removed from our email marketing lists. You may opt-out by editing your online profile or by contacting GDN.