Why choose the Green Doctor Network?

Health Canada’s medical marijuana regulations are new and constantly changing with different requirements for applicants based on province and ailment. With hundreds of strains of medical marijuana available in Canada and an ever-changing landscape of strict regulation, general physicians or clinical teams often do not have the knowledge to administer proper treatment or simply do not support this medicine.

Green Doctor Network minimizes the challenges, confusion and the frustration associated with the process of becoming a medical marijuana patient. Our dedicated team of medical marijuana experts can assist you at every stage of your application from the moment you inquire to the moment you have your medication in hand.

Let us help you become an official Canadian medical marijuana patient.

Membership Price

$295 CDN

Online video consultation and Annual Safety Monitoring
(follow ups at 1, 3, 6, and 9 months)

Documentation of past medical history and
prescription history

Cumulative patient profile

Registration with one of our
recommended licensed producers (LP’s)

FREE Renewals for patients while registered
with one of our recommended LP’s

Advanced Education

Meet Real Green Doctor Network Patients


Meet Green Doctor Network Patient – Cory Daly from Ontario

Meet Corey Daly from Ontario. Originally diagnosed in 2001, he suffers daily from social anxiety, hypertension, chronic pain and gastroparesis. For the past 14 years, he has actively pursued treatment both through medication and...

Meet Green Doctor Network Patient – Dawn Palmby from Stratford, Ontario

Meet Dawn Palmby from Stratford, Ontario. She struggles daily with chronic pain syndrome, depression and anxiety and chooses to use medical cannabis to help alleviate the symptoms from these disorders. Like many Canadians, she...

Frequently Asked Questions

Is This Legal?

Yes, online consultations have been a valid alternative for patients living in remote locations looking for hard to find specialists not located in their immediate vicinity.

What Happens After Registration?

After submitting your patient registration form you will be prompted to book your consultation online .  You will also receive an email confirmation of your application. Once we receive your registration form a representative will call you at the date and time you selected, at the number you provided for your initial consultation.

What Happens During The Consultation?

During your intake consultation, a representative will  answer all your questions regarding Health Canada’s current medical marijuana regulation including but not limited to:
  • Do I qualify for medical marijuana?
  • How do I get medical marijuana?
  • Where do I buy medical marijuana?
  • What is my maximum dosage per day?
  • Where am I allowed to medicate?
  • How do I arrange an appointment with a medical marijuana friendly doctor to get a prescription?

What Do I Tell My Family Doctor?

Any information you decide to divulge is voluntary. You do not have to disclose your intent to use medical marijuana to your family doctor.

How Long Will It Take To Get My Medical Document?

Your Medical Document will be mailed within a week of your completed doctor’s appointment.

Can I Buy Edibles Or Concentrates?

No, edibles and concentrates (shatter, butter, etc.) are not currently legal for sale in Canada. Licensed Producers are only allowed to sell dried marijuana flower/bud. Some LP’s have also been given the approval to produce cannabis oil.

Do You Offer Services In French?

At the moment our staff are English speaking only and having a translator with you is recommended during your online consultation.

Can I Grow My Own Medicine?

Yes, the new ACMPR regulation allows patients to register with Health Canada to obtain a permit to grow at home or designate a grower.  However, GDN does NOT issue prescriptions to patients who will not be buying from a Licensed Producer as we cannot guarantee the quality or potency of home grown medicine and therefore cannot properly prescribe doses based on home grown medicine.

How Long Is My Medical Document Valid For?

The majority of ACMPR Medical Documents are valid for up to 12 months. After it expires, you will be required to obtain a new ACMPR Medical Document to continue using medical marijuana. In certain conditions patients, depending on condition and age, will be given a shorter prescription that will require follow-up appointments in order to receive another prescription.  Renewals are free for the first year for all patients, and free for life for patients registered with a recommended LP.