I successfully submitted my patient registration form but didn't receive an email yet. Where is it?

Once successfully submitting your patient registration form on our website, an email confirmation will be sent within the same day to the email address you provided. Please check your spam/junk folder and ensure you add [email protected] to your Safe Senders list. If for any reason you have not received it after 24 hours, please contact us at [email protected].

What does ACMPR stand for?

MMPR stands for Access to Cannabis for Medical Purposes Regulations. The ACMPR is Health Canada’s program that allows patients to legally use medical marijuana for medical purposes. The ACMPR went in to effect on August 24, 2016.

Is this legal?

Yes, online consultations have been a valid alternative for patients living in remote locations looking for hard to find specialists not located in their immediate vicinity.

What happens after I register as a patient with Green Doctor Network?

After submitting your patient registration form you will be prompted to book your consultation online .  You will also receive an email confirmation of your application. Once we receive your registration form a representative will call you at the date and time you selected, at the number you provided for your initial consultation.

What happens during my intake consultation?

During your intake consultation, a representative will  answer all your questions regarding Health Canada’s current medical marijuana regulation including but not limited to:
  • Do I qualify for medical marijuana?
  • How do I get medical marijuana?
  • Where do I buy medical marijuana?
  • What is my maximum dosage per day?
  • Where am I allowed to medicate?
  • How do I arrange an appointment with a medical marijuana friendly doctor to get a prescription?

Do you offer services in French?

At the moment our staff are English speaking only and having a translator with you is recommended during your online consultation.

How much does it cost and what am I paying for?

The medical membership fee is $295 CAD plus tax. Your medical membership includes:
  • At least one  Video Consultation Call with a licensed medical marijuana-friendly physician
  • One original written hard copy of a ACMPR Medical Document (valid for up to 1 year from issue date) mailed to the LP of your choice
  • After care support in all aspects of medicinal cannabis
  • Changes in medicinal cannabis forms i.e. dose changes, re-issues, additional
  • Unlimited access to staff before and after initial consultation with physician during office hours
  • Guidance in the use, strains, and administration of medicinal marijuana from the staff and licensed physician
  • Guidance in the federal ACMPR medical marijuana program
  • Guidance and access to reserved spaces with licensed producers
  • Tracked time lines for renewals
  • Unique intakes with each patient
  • Documentation of past medical history and prescription history
  • Cummulative patient profile
  • Registration with one of our recommended licensed producers (LP’s)
  • FREE Renewals for patients while registered with one of our recommended LP’s
$50.00 Missed Appointment Fee
$25.00 administrative fee, to complete a new medical document, registration with Non-Preferred Licensed Producers

How long does my medical membership last?

Your membership lasts for life as long as you are with one of our recommended LP’s.  If you are not registered with a recommended LP your membership lasts 12 months.

Do i need medical documentation?

No medical documentation is required

I haven't seen a doctor about my condition, do i still qualify?

If you have not seen a doctor about your condition you still qualify and no referral is necessary.

Do I have to tell my doctor that I plan on using cannabis?

You do not have to disclose your intent to use medical marijuana to your family doctor.

What is the legal age to become a patient?

Health Canada’s guidelines state a patient must be at least 18 years of age to qualify for an authorization to possess marijuana for medical purposes. However we can still assist patients under the age of 18 with parental supervision.

How long will it take for my Medical Document to arrive at my chosen LP?

Your Medical Document will be mailed within a week of your completed doctor’s appointment.

How much does medical marijuana cost?

The price for medical marijuana varies by producer and strain but ranges from $2.50/g for shake to $12.00/g for premium strains.

Can I buy edibles or concentrates?

No, edibles and concentrates (shatter, butter, etc.) are not currently legal for sale in Canada. Licensed Producers are only allowed to sell dried marijuana flower/bud. Some LP’s have also been given approval to produce cannabis oil.

Can I grow my own medicine?

Yes, the new ACMPR regulation allows patients to register with Health Canada to obtain a permit to grow at home or designate a grower.  However, GDN does NOT issue prescriptions to patients who will not be buying from a Licensed Producer as we cannot guarantee the quality or potency of home grown medicine and therefore cannot properly prescribe doses based on home grown medicine.

How long is my ACMPR Medical Document valid for?

The majority of ACMPR Medical Documents are valid for up to 12 months. After it expires, you will be required to obtain a new ACMPR Medical Document to continue using medical marijuana. In certain conditions patients, depending on condition and age, will be given a shorter prescription that will require follow-up appointments in order to receive another prescription.  Renewals are free for the first year for all patients, and free for life for patients registered with a recommended LP.

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