Health Canada’s medical marijuana regulations are new and constantly changing with different requirements for applicants based on province and ailment. With hundreds of strains of medical marijuana available in Canada and an ever changing landscape of strict regulation, general physicians or clinical teams often do not have the knowledge to administer proper treatment or simply do not support this medicine.

Green Doctor Network minimizes the challenges, confusion and the frustration associated with the process of becoming a medical marijuana patient. Our dedicated team of medical marijuana experts can assist you at every stage of your application from the moment you inquire to the moment you have your medication in hand.

At Green Doctor Network there is:

  • NO minimum age,
  • NO documentation required,
  • NO doctor’s referral required, and
  • FREE renewals for patients registered with our recommended LP’s.

Let us help you become an official Canadian medical marijuana patient.

Membership Price

$295 + TAX One Year Membership
  • Online video consultation and Annual Safety Monitoring (follow ups at 1, 3, 6, and 9 months)
  • Documentation of past medical history and prescription history
  • Cummulative patient profile
  • Registration with one of our recommended licensed producers (LP’s)
  • FREE Renewals for patients while registered with one of our recommended LP’s
  • Advanced Education
$50.00 Missed Appointment Fee
$25.00 administrative fee, to complete a new medical document, registration with Non-Preferred Licensed Producers